How do I accept more than one answer in my own Decks?

I would like to create a Modern Greek deck and there are several words that may be spelled in two (or maybe more) ways in Greek.

For example, for the number nine (9) , both “εννιά” and “εννέα” are acceptable. Without having to create two separate words, is it possible to make it so when I type either spelling, it is accepted as a correct answer?

The simplest way is use the ‘Alts’ feature, explained here:


OK, I found the option, thanks!

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If you wish you may show both words separated by a semi-colon ( ; ) and then put each separately as a hidden alternatives - achieved by putting an underscore in front ( _first word) etc.

But putting only one word in the list but putting alternatives in as visible alternatives will show both when learning but only show the one word chosen as your main word in tapping tests (ie the choice from 4 or more alternatives).
Both will be accepted in typing tests.

@alanh, am I right in thinking the semi-colon or any other spacer no longer works and saves us having to put them in as alternatives?

Using a semicolon to separate alternative subject words (instead of putting one word in the list and others as “alts”) works in typing tests as per the explanation in FAQs. In a typing test you only need to type one of the alternatives but it would not be ‘auto accepted’. You have to accept it manually. In a tapping test, you have to tap out all the alternatives, including the semicolon(s). I haven’t used slashes instead of semicolons so don’t don’t know if that option still works the same way. No reason to think it wouldn’t.

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Many thanks @alanh, I keep loosing track of what is now acceptable and have opted for the safe option of putting both words as hidden alternatives if they are different as opposed to a different spelling of the same word.

So your suggestion of just one word as the main entry (with visible alternatives) is the best solution for @heitorpontual.

Personally I like being forced to hit ‘enter’ on typing tests as it avoids one keep trying variations until it’s right :wink: