How can one make 15 mil points in 1 day and a half 0_0

ok, i really don’t get this … it is tuesday …

it is impossible …

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I made a bet with someone
which was to earn several million points on memrise in less than 1 day and for
do this I created a script with javascript, I won the bet.

if there is a moderator who wants to erase my points it does not pose a problem for me but it does not erase this account because I’m not bothering someone

and do not insult me ​​that I do not learn anything in French because this language, I master it but not English

I am a big writer. LOL

haha a java writer :slight_smile:

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No, definitely not “Java”.

Java (OO programming (interpreter) language like C++, .NET/C#) = apple
Java Script (HTML frontend browser stuff) = banana

Apple != banana!!!

Because of some very rare people who cheat?
Just delete them / the score - and it is fixed. Takes maybe 1-5 minutes if they have the right tools.

If they dump it, what do you need Memrise for anymore?
You could directly go to AnkiSRS and get many more features with reviewing (e.g overdueness), browsing tagged words or by a different ordering, filtering (e.g due <7d, >7d), etc.


The problem is that Memrise doesn’t seem to care that much. I’ve reported a very obvious cheater last week. I’ve only gotten a message that they will forward my report to the ‘quality assurance team’. Nothing has been done about it though. The guy continues to earn around 6 million points, every single day, for 1.5 week now.


that is your opinion… the team can simply remove the cheaters.

1 One needs an anchor for the work done - how much items learned, points, etcetc

2 I’ve left the official courses, I don’t find them well structured or anything else (save the newer Japanese ones)

3 I’m on memrise for the user created content. And that for (almost) 5 years now.


yap, points are motivating and the leaderboard is motivating. no need to delete that ever…

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i also gave up official courses, this was just a recap of french…
i agree with all you say (that’s a first)

sumimasen LOL

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well, don’t do it again in the future :slight_smile:

do not worry

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:smiley: Funny, you won a bet! Well, you have certainly learned something! :rofl: Anyway, thanks for your honesty. Please, just remove the last line from your first reply. I don’t like anybody see banned or even get a warning for bad language - customs differ from place to place and I bet that it’s not OK for some ppl. I don’t mind so much, just don’t want to see my co-forum-members getting into trouble.

You might not like that people are doing, I understand. This is a self-learning platform. It’s not a school where cheating is a kind of ‘fraud’; they are only faking themselves. For you it might not be nice though when try to get some extra study-motivation by trying to get high in the leader board.

Well, it doesn’t really affect me personally. I’m not even close to the top 10 or top 50 in most of the courses I follow.
I just think it looks “ugly” when there’s one guy with 40x more points than the rest of the normal learners. But maybe it’s just my pet peeve. :wink:


i bet you were that kid that was covering his test at school weren’t you? :slight_smile:

Nah, I didn’t care that much. It’s their responsibility.
But I was that kid who liked to arrange M&M’s by colour before eating them. I just like things clear and organized. :wink: So one guy messing with the leaderboard makes it “unorganized” to me. But like I’ve said before, it’s probably just my issue.


I know exactly what you are and avoid it! :wink:

Some cheaters are destroying the fun (and the learning experience) for many users. You think it’s ok, and that the other users must tolerate it. Interesting that you write your first paragraph to the cheater and tell him it is “funny” and that he “certainly learned something”, while you “mansplain” in your second paragraph to the one who rightfully complains about the cheaters.

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Came late on this topic. :sweat_smile:. Just wanted to express my view :slight_smile:
But As we ALL know, Memrise went along with this strategy for the Global leader board. What difference would this make? There will always be a handful of “cheaters” who get several million in a mere 5 minutes. But that shouldn’t ruin your fun! These leader boards motivate people to achieve as many points as you can to the best of your ability. So why dump them now? They’ve been here for years. My two cents :smile:

Isn’t that fair on the users who devote COUNTLESS hours to Memrise, to achieve that all important top 10?

No-one will probably see this message, at least I got it off my chest. :wink: