How can one fix mistakes made in one's own course, if the words are already learned?

I made three mistakes while creating the first levels:

  • had a typo in the translation — fixed it;
  • typed the preterite forms of the verb into its attribute column — removed it;
  • used the first-two-letters hint in the translation to avoid the synonym problem, but one of synonyms starts with the same two letters — changed the letters in the brackets to the last ones.

But none of the mistakes were noticed before learning these words.
When I look through the levels on my PC, the words and the translations are fixed, but when I play or look through levels on my phone, everything is the very same way it was when I “learned” these words.
I’m on Pro, but haven’t downloaded any courses manually.
Can this issue be fixed without deleting the words and resetting the course progress? Can “ignoring” the words help?

I think it’s the same sync bug that’s been around for a very long time concerning mobile phones. Only solution is to remove the app, reboot phone and reinstall it (reboot wipes out any possible caches that might still cause issues). So let Memrise know to fix this bug. The more voices, the better.

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It helped, thank you! Do I have to create a support ticket/a new post in the feedback forum or is there some kind of an informal petition already?

Maybe email their tech support directly.

For me it was always enough to log off and then log back in.


It could be but based on past experience with application caches on the iOS phone I usually reboot just in case to wipe those out.