How can I switch to English user interface?


Why do I still get the memrise interface in German even though I set “I speak” (“Ich spreche”) to “English”? Is this due to my location (I am in Germany)? How can I change this?

If I understood you, you mean the “course language” (You set English while searching for courses). You need to change the language in settings. Then the interface will be in English.

Hi ollitolli, you can change your Memrise default language via your profile.

  1. In Memrise, click on your profile image
  2. Press Settings
  3. In your profile settings you’ll see a drop down list called “language
  4. Change it to English
  5. Save
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Somehow that option has disappeared? I cannot find a drop down called “language” under Settings.

The setting seems to only appear in and have effect on the website.
See your → settings. The app, however, seems to only consider the device’s language setting.

@MemriseSupport: has this been implemented this way on purpose?

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Yes, I think that earlier reply by oli2904 referred to the settings on the web version. However, on the app versions, there is the [limited] opportunity to change your language setting from the course selection list by tapping on the yellow “Learn another course” button, then selecting the language you want to learn, then tapping on the grey “Browse more courses” button. Then where it says “Courses for xxxxxx speakers”, tap on the red “xxxxxx” setting and then select a language. Not all language pairs are available though!

Apologies if that’s not what you are looking for!


Thanks. For me its the Interface language i wantes to Change. Ist automatically uses the one from my mobile operating system, but it won’t let me change that.

Does this earlier response from the Memrise guys help at all?

The link in the reply no longer works but I think it probably just covered the same ground as my post above about course selection and the scope to select a different source language there.

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Yes. thanks. It seems like it’s not possible to do.