How can I remove words from the "Difficult Words" list once learnt?

After much repitition, I have conquered many of the words that were placed in the Difficult Words list and I would like to remove them or ignore them.

Is there a way? I am using the website and have not downloaded the App, if that makes any difference.

Is there any sort of way to remove the very basic words that I really do not wish to waste time practising. The most common one that comes to mind is England which is England in the Danish language. There are many true copies that are time wasters.

Lastly, is there any benefit in using the App over the website?

Thanks for any input.


You can use the ‘Ignore’ function for individual words or whole levels. Here’s a link to the guide:

You can remove words from your difficult words list by clicking on “Difficult Words” which you’ll find to the right of the blue “Levels” button on the course homepage. Then click on the yellow lightening bolt next to the item you want to remove.

It’s down to personal preference, really, but I prefer the web version over the App for learning, although the App has advantages for people on the move. It’s worth spending a little time exploring the FAQ section to see the differences. There’s also been some forum discussion here: [App & Site Feedback] Differences between the WEB version and an APP version

Good luck!


Thank you very much Alanh. That is very helpful. I really appreciate it. I’ve been ripping my hair out at some points.

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Hi @LuluWitt42,

Also, if you are presented with a new one during a learning session that you already know, you can ignore it by clicking on the ‘no entry sign’:



App vs. Web: while the behavior is pretty much the same in the (Android) app, you might experience another bug in the latter. That is, if you tap the yellow/highlighted flash-button (after clicking the three dots underneath the watering status / flower), the status appears to be back to normal.
However, when returning to the main screen, the change may or may not be persistent (haven’t noticed any pattern yet).
The easiest way to then “un-flash” a word via the app is to start working on the difficult words list and then tap the flash icon again for the word to reset. This of course doesn’t work well if you have loads of words on the list (I usually have less than 6).

Last but not least, and back to the web version, if you want to see all your difficult words (and change them across all chapters, go to the course’s main page, then click the “difficult words” button underneath the course’s header. Sorry, I’m running Memrise in German, but the image should do the trick:

BTW: this way you get statistics for your difficult words too! :smile:


Any chance removing words could be added to the iOS app?

We’re definitely thinking about it!