How can I get automatic sychronisation between my devices

I have just started to use Memrise on my PC and on my tablet (Android), however, the progress, words learned and alterations I make don’t seem to synchronise between the devices. I have tried logging off and on again on both and this doesn’t seem to solve the problem and, to be frank, is a pain. I have looked in the settings for a ‘sync’ button or ‘auto sync’ setting and cannot find one. Is there one? If not, shouldn’t there be one? If not, what do I do please?

This is something that should be happening automatically. Frankly, Memrise has been having some major issues this weekend and I think many of them will be solved once everybody comes back to work again on Monday. I’d be willing to bet that your problem might suddenly be fixed around then.

I am having the same issue. I will practice on my PC, but my phone will say I missed a practice. I lose my streak. And vice versa. I have a 16-day streak going on my Android, but the website says I have only had a 2-day streak. It is quite frustrating. I have other language programs that I use that do not have this synch issue. I have cleared out the cache on both devices. Same problem.

Yesterday I revised 10 words on the web then when finished I used the App and had to revise the same 10 words.

I didn’t quit the App nor refresh by pulling down.

I don’t think this has happened before.