How can I change the site's design?

I used to really like the old one, the new yellow-black design really confuses me since it legit feels as if the site went from a modern design to a design that would be used in 2010, it almost completely ruins the experience, is there a way to change it?


Sadly no, there is no way to change it.
And plenty of complaints have been made about it but so far nobody really listened.

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It’s not that they haven’t listened, they just don’t care. From one of the designers


Oh my, they’re completely out of touch with reality!!


The funniest part is the promise to be more open. That hasn’t happened at all.


That guy’s in complete denial, unbelievable. These people… are hopeless.


oh my god… the problem is not even the fundamentals of this new design, it could be a really good design if they change the unproportional options like classic review and learn new words, and also add a few things to make it seem less depressing and more lively and interesting, for example the top of the page looks good, but below that its just black and white that looks like crap