How can I change the order of multi language source columns for EasyAcademy Polyglot course?

Hi all,

this is the EasyAcademy Portuguese (BR) course I am talking about:

It shows this fixed column order of multi source languages of the first word “Oi”:

  1. row with 3 uploaded audio sounds
  2. Portuguese (target)
  3. English (source)
  4. Spanish (source)
  5. French (source)
  6. Italian (source)
  7. German (source)
  8. Latin (source)
  9. Synonym(s)
  10. row with 4 more uploaded audio sounds

This multi-language column order was probably set fixed in the course database?

Is there any way to change this order, once you learn the word or review it (mem screen and re-typing screen) on errors?

Personally (knowing only native German + 2nd English + target PT and not other Romance languages) I would like to switch some source languages and also blend-out Latin completely:

  1. row with 3 uploaded audio sounds
  2. Portuguese (target)
  3. Synonym(s) (target)
  4. English (source) - my 2nd language
  5. German - my native language: nice to have it one column below English, if I do not know the English word/phrase/sentence
  6. Spanish (source)
  7. French
  8. Italian
  9. Latin (hidden)
  10. row with 4 more uploaded audio sounds

Wouldn’t it be much better to put the synonym Portuguese (target language) column on the 2nd place, instead of the last one? I would prefer this before going through the longer source language list.
Or make it the 4th place, right behind English and German…before having to read all other Romance languages.

Columns 5) and 6) to 7) could be switched depending on user preference, what language the user would like to learn next for a laddering course (e.g Spanish before Italian, French before Spanish)…OR…what other Romance language would share the most lexican similarities with Portuguese, e.g Spanish column (89%) before the French or Italian columns.

I do not really need the Latin column, so it would be nice if it could be blended out or moved to the very end.

I think it would be very nice if this column mapping could be done course-wise and that you could use the setting screens on the left side (e.g Audio Provider, All typing settings,…).

What do you think?

Who has it already working with any script?

Are there any easier ways to show and re-order the column mappings for the database per EasyAcademy course?