Hot keys for German letters =>öüßä

Hello! I am learning German and am looking for a way to speed up writing answers. I can’t use German keyboard layout because I already have 4 layouts and one more would be a big hassle.
There are probably some hotkeys that would allow to type German letters öüßä while typing answers. Are there any?

hi @romenrolan95,

Why don’t you at least tell us what kind of device you’re on?

Sorry, forgot to mention. I am using standard PC with Win’10

OK, I use the US international keyboard for both German and Spanish.
s + right alt = ß, umlauts with dead keys: " then o = ö.

Thanks a lot!
It took a little modification to make it work for me.
To type öüßä on the English keyboard the following is required:

  1. Change the keyboard from US-Qwerty to US-International in the Windows settings.
  2. Then you can RAlt + q = ä; RAlt + p = ö; RAlt + y = ü. For Ä, Ö and Ü, add the “Shift” key. to type ß: RAlt + s = ß

By the way, is there any keyboard shortcut that activates the “Hint” button, so that you can open the next letter during the writing test?

You’re welcome.

Those also work for me (and that’s what i wrote for the ß).
But did you try the dead keys?

I haven’t found a keyboard shortcut for the Hint button.

If I use dead keys, it gives me ýúá characters. If I use dead keys and Shift, then it gives me ÜÖÄ.

If you get capitals then you haven’t released the shift in time before typing the letter.
Shift + ’ then type the letter.

You could also use left Alt + keycode on any keyboard layout:

  • ä = 0228
  • ö = 0245
  • ü = 0252
  • ß = 0223
  • Ä = 0196
  • Ö = 0214
  • Ü = 0220

If you’re using Windows, you’ll find all codes in the character map. Klick “Start” and type “character map” to open the app, then click any character to see its code resp. key combo:


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You could use these short keys, I have been using it and works fine.
ALT + 132 - ä
ALT + 142 - Ä
ALT + 148 - ö
ALT + 153 - Ö
ALT + 129 - ü
ALT + 154 - Ü
ALT + 225 - ß

Pls use these:

ALT + 132 - ä
ALT + 142 - Ä
ALT + 148 - ö
ALT + 153 - Ö
ALT + 129 - ü
ALT + 154 - Ü
ALT + 225 - ß