Homophones in listening test

Hi everyone!

Does anybody know how to deal with homophones? We added attributes to our course and they are visible when we are using mobile application in listening tests but unfortunately these attributes won’t appear in listening tests when we are using browser on a desktop.


Is your ‘attribute’ column set to display during tests?

Yes it is, and the problem exists only in the web version as it seems

Is it this course?

Yes, this course


Having tried a few things (on my laptop using Windows 10 and Chrome), I don´t think it’s possible to get attributes to show in all types of listening tests on the web version.

I have been through the first level of your course and I could see the attributes in all the learning stages except for the listening tests.

For comparison, I have checked a few of my Spanish courses. In listening tests, attributes were not showing in those tests where I either had to type what I heard or in those where I had to pick from four possible answers. In those tests where I had to click on three buttons to hear different audio files before selecting one, the attribute details displayed.

Sorry, but I’m stuck for any other ideas!

@MemriseMatty - is there currently any way to make the attributes visible in all versions of the listening tests?

So it seems that there is no solve for that?