Home page link from forum and end of lesson

There seems to be no way to jump from the forum home page back to the main home page. More importantly, every single time I finish a round, I have to click the “levels” button to have the “home” button re-appear at the top. At times when I have finished all of a lesson and also at times when I have finished all reviews in the subject, I want to go to the home page, but the only options I am given are “review”, “learn new words”, and “levels”… So for every subject lesson and for every review session there is an extra click-though screen I don’t want or need. Waste of time. Please fix! :frowning:

Hey Patrick, it’s not really very clear or obvious, but assuming you’re talking about the web version (which confuses me a lot as well) when you’re done with your lesson look in the upper right-hand corner of the web page. There should be a big ‘x’ there which when you click it it will take you back to the home page. I think there should be another way to get back, clicking on the Memrise logo, a home button, something, because it took me a while to find it as well.


Ha! Thank you, I see it! Not a whole lot of contrast between the x and the background!

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The link to forums should be more prominent and at the top of the home page to begin with, this may tempt more new users to join in with the forums more. I agree the link back to homepage is difficult to find and should be updated to clearly show homepage link without being pointed to with the mouse first.
Small changes that will mean a lot to us all I believe.