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I would like to know if you could remove “the metanfetamina cristalina” =
“crystal meth” from VIVA 2 Modulo 3, una fiesta mexicana. Gracias. I am a teacher and I had parents complains

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Since the course creator doesn’t seem to have a forum account, (s)he won’t notice your query.
Unless you want to try to become a contributor to the course (see here for more info), the only alternative would be to instruct your students’ parents to ignore the word which will remove it for their children.


I am afraid it is a little late for that, the parents have already complained about it to the school

I just took a look at the course. If I was you, I’d want re-create the course. There are less than 90 words, so this shouldn’t be all too much work. Doing so, you could fix all the errors and flaws (bunches of them!) along the way, such as correctly writing out questions/exclamations (¿bla? et al), or instead of te, or wrong gender (un botella de limonada -> una botella de limonada), generalizing captialitzation, etc. - I must say, the course’s quality is far from something I’d want children to learn from.

To make it easier, you could simply download the words for a start (Memrise Scraper can do that for you).


Hi @yolandaknight16,

If you haven’t already done so, you could try a direct report:

But, as Olaf says, that course looks a little ‘buggy’ anyway.


Thank you very much for your help.

I think I am going to be doing my own list from now own.

I am not entirely sure what I am supposed to do with the list in Memrise Scraper afterwards. It says to copy the list into Excel. I am not sure what to do afterwards.


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Thanks alanh, I have already done it.


Hi @yolandaknight16,

It says to copy the list into Excel. I am not sure what to do afterwards.

Once the list is in Excel, make any corrections and make sure all the information you want is in the appropriate columns.

Think if there are any “attributes” you may want to add (and if you want to do that later, just make a column and leave those cells blank).

Finally create the course with columns to match (you may find you are given the right columns by default - NB you may have to create extra blank columns in your spreadsheet or it will miss-align!).

Then it’s easy to upload in bulk (ie all at once).

Finally create say levels of 15 or 20 items each, and it will create it for you.

If all this is new to you, read the “How to” section or have a test first with some dummy data like a lot of us did before any guidance was available.


Hi, there are a few YouTube videos that should help, including this one. Good luck. Also, there may be an existing course that would work for you -


Thank you for this, it really helped

Hi @yolandaknight16, in case you want to use Excel to open a text file generated by the Memrise Scraper, you’ll probably want to select this drop-down option in Excel during the file-opening process:

File origin: 65001 : Unicode (UTF-8)

Otherwise, accents seem to get messed up.


Hi @ian_mn, Great advice, thanks.

Could you add it to a “How to” topic?