History Of NotAnAlt2

So, hi everyone.

I am NotAnAlt2, and during the months of April-July I got around 800million points using a bug.
I appreciate that this is pretty useless, but at the time it was a big achievement for me and I want to make sure it isn’t forgotten.

I would like to say, please don’t exploit bugs/hacks. I am a normal schoolboy and finding this bug completely ruined my experience, and the bug is patched now anyways. Exploiting just ruins it for others, and I learned that.

How the bug worked, is that upon completing a speed review, I could click really fast on the “x” button and it would reload the page, giving me another 16k points. This bug was around for a year and I used it a bit on my main account to get homeworks done fast. I used a technique called “drag clicking” to get around 20clicks per second, so I could get points incredibly fast from 1 speed review. Furthermore, I discovered that the laggier my laptop was, the more points I would get. Finally, to speed this process up, I created an “EZ POINTS” course, which I will now unlist. Over the summer, my friend (who I had taught it to) used it on a school course and thats probably why it attracted attention.

Unfortunately, when I returned to school, the bug had been patched and memrise had looked at my account (I’m pretty sure cause my account changed a bit, even tho it still isn’t deleted).

I probably won’t ever use this account again, so goodbye everyone and remember, don’t hack! Thanks to Memrise for fixing the bug.

My account for anyone interested: Memrise - NotAnAlt2

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