Hiring frontend web (React) engineers - do you know any?

Happy New Year!

We’re growing the web team at Memrise - to speed up the rebuild in React that we’re half way through, and then to improve the product in lots of ways.

Would love your help - are you or do you know any web programmers?

If so, please share these job adverts with them.

Memrise is a great place to work. As you know a good product in an interesting market, which also has room to improve. Our founders are still around, so the company has energy, character, humanity and purpose.

We’ve got lots of plans to radically improve language acquisition - so this is rebuilding and fixing bugs now, and later in the year we’ll be developing really interesting new features.

Thanks for your help, it’ll really benefit all of us to improve the Memrise web product!


I have so many connection on this, will you provide me you LinkedIn? So, I can share connections on there.

Yes please! I’m https://www.linkedin.com/in/FrancisIrving/


Hi @frabcus_memrise,
Really hope that hiring new frontend devs means that Memrise finally will upgrade its – sorry for saying that – awful current design and will go to something like previous Plant / Space-like theme was. Honestly, current design the only reason why I’ve stopped using Memrise and switched to books and audio courses, because being a designer current look of the platform really hurts my eyes (and it seems that many others too). I have never thought that such thing could be a reason to abandon any great product, but this has happened, and it’s truly very sad.

I sincerely hope that new team members will bring professional design back, and I can return to the paid Memrise membership. Thank you.

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We’ve no plans to change the theme, which is company wide and shared with the mobile apps.

In user testing, we don’t get negative reactions to the theme. I recognise this is a matter of taste, and I’m sorry you couldn’t get used to it!

We do have plans to get the web product onto a modern stack, so we can continue to improve it, fix bugs, and add major new features.


Being both a current Memrise user and an experienced web developer, the possibility of working with you intrigues me. My professional profile at https://patrickjamieson.com will intruduce me, and it links to my LinkedIn profile. Neither has been updated for several years (no need); I’m currently working mostly with React/Gatsby, as seen at https://blake.art and iartx(dot)com. Cheers!

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