Hiring Discord Moderators!


Hey there all. So basically I and @isharr have been been working really hard on a Unofficial
Discord for Memrise. It isn’t quite ready yet and we aren’t certain on the release date yet. Maybe 2-3 weeks? Hard to say at the moment. But before we get ANYONE to test it out (which I shall be releasing a topic on later) we need maybe 1 or 2 more Moderators to help us add stuff and just monitor it generally. Before I go over the requirements needed. We assure you, we’ve asked the Staff at
Memrise, so it’s fine to launch. Just to let you know :wink:.

What we look for in a Moderator is:

  • Someone who knows the Discord interface well
  • Someone who will be commited to this and help at any point possible
  • An imaginative person (Not required, but would be helpful!) To think of new ideas of what to add.
  • Someone who has NEVER been banned, if it may be a Memrise, or forum account
  • Someone who is active
  • And finally, someone who is just a generally helpful person
  • Oh, and you must have a Discord account. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you would like to apply. Please DM me/or post below why you would like to be a Moderator in the Discord and I’ll review the responses, if you have any questions and/or comments. Please post them here. We will wait around a week or two before we announce who is our Mod. If you achieve this role, we shall make you a Mod in Training, so basically just see how you deal with being a Mod. And after 4 days of that. You’ll be a full-time Mod, we may hire more in the future. But for now, we only need 1 or two. We hope we get loads of applications as we need all the help we can get! So Good Luck to anyone who applies! :slight_smile: . I hope to see your applications soon!
Happy Memrising! :tada:


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(Tampora) #2

I would be up for this at any other time, but, tragically (but good) the next few months I’m going to have very little time as I have got a lot of things going on at the moment (work/studying/training).
But, maybe in a few months time I’ll join the discord and try and help out when I can.

I hope you find some decent applicants for the position, and hope that the discord goes really well. It could be something that could become really helpful if it works out. :slight_smile:



I would like to see some more apps. I’ve got 2, please post them!


(Holly Gates22) #4

accidentally replied saying “don’t release” on your poll, meant to answer “release”, sorry.



@Holly_Gates22 You can vote again! Click, see results and you can change it. Also, if anyone wants to apply DM me in the forum or just post it here.