Hiding words set for classes

A quick question - is there any way of having ignored words set as ignored for classes you assign courses to? My issue is that I use Memrise with my students (11 years old and up), and when they sign up, they are assigned the official Memrise beginners course in that language, which many of them, keen as they are, persevere with, alongside the courses I assign for them. The beginners courses in French & German (maybe other languages, not sure) both have the word ‘shit’ in.

I know this has been discussed on the forums before, and whilst I’m not against swear words being on courses, given that these courses are automatically assigned to beginners they are therefore to some extent unavoidable for students. I have emailed Memrise about this and they said that they aim to teach real life language - I’m absolutely in favour of this but I’m not sure it needs to be on a course that is automatically assigned. To that end - can we block words on courses?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @MissDaglish,

Sorry no one has replied (I think we all thought someone else may do better).

I can think of two options (and an alternate)

I take it you are talking about a language course.

  1. before the students start, get them all to log in and mark certain words as ignore.

  2. create a log in for each child and do that yourself.
    Then tell the children to change the password.

But the words will still be visible in grey.

An alternative would be to go to the web, search the community courses then check if you approve and get them to learn that one.

But I agree with you that an automatic exclude option might be helpful.

I can’t remember what the minimum recommended age is - and that may be the issue.

Also as the team hints, 11 year olds are very worldly wise.

Just tell them that there are certain words which will not be acceptable in class (or homework).

Hope that helps.

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Have a read of this thread?

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