Hidden answers not accepted in typing tests

I’m having an issue with a course I created in “Computers & Engineering” where hidden answers are displaying inconsistent behavior with being marked correct or incorrect during typing tests. I’m seeing this behavior on the web app on a laptop, so I’m not sure if it persists on the mobile app. I did notice a similar question in the forums, but it specifically wasn’t about typing tests, so I thought I’d create a new post.

Basically if I have an answer hidden by using “" before the answer, as above, it’s not being accepted. The only thing that’s being changed is the casing and spaces, so in the example above, the main answer is CTRL + U, and the hidden answer in the screenshot which isn’t working is “ctrl + u”. I tested unhiding the answer by taking out the "” and it works that way, and curiously enough, other hidden answers with similar casing but different spacing (“ctrl+u”, “ctrl +u”, “ctrl+ u”) work as well, but not ones with different casing (“Ctrl + U”).

I do indeed have “Mark Typing Strictly” checked since most of the course is a coding course, and spaces and capitals matter, so I went through the painstaking process of manually entering different combinations of spacing and capitals as alternative answers to get it to accept answers case-insensitively, but now I’m running into these errors. (Side question: Is there a way to have “Mark Typing Strictly” disabled for only a single or a selected few levels within a larger multi-level course???)

A suggested workaround might be creating another course just for this level, but even then, some of my other levels that require case sensitivity are also having issues with hidden answers (e.g. "find -i “keyword” file.txt is the main answer that works but “find -i ‘keyword’ file.txt” and “find -i keyword file.txt” [with single quotes or no quotes] which are both hidden alternate answers are also giving me trouble. You can imagine how convoluted it would look to have those, as well as other acceptable answers like “find “keyword” -i file.txt”, “find “keyword” file.txt -i”, “find ‘keyword’ -i file.txt”, “find keyword -i file.txt”, “find ‘keyword’ file.txt -i”, and “find keyword file.txt -i” all unhidden, and the logistical nightmare it would be to have a consistent way of organizing variation of unhidden answers across over 500 terms.

I used to use memrise profusely a few years ago before the big interface update for studying Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic and relied heavily on making my own courses. I just returned recently to use it to help learn and teach computer programming. I don’t recall having ever experienced problems with hidden answers when I used it in the past. It would be great (crucial even) to have this bug fixed, or get some advice about workarounds. I appreciate the help! :relaxed:

New user restriction, but here’s the screenshot of the level alternatives.

(Also, I saved and refreshed BEFORE starting the review test~)

@JBorrego can you help with this problem?

Thank you for brining this to our attention. I personally am no expert in this topic so I can’t immediately tell you why this behaves this way or if this has recently changed by some engineering change so I will raise the question and try to get back to you soon.



Thanks @JBorrego (and thanks @GabrieleCramer-Knebe for directing Jesus here) !! I’m continually building out my course rn, so I’d appreciate updates along the way.

I’m also trained as a full-stack Javascript developer, so if there’s anyway I can help out, please lmk as well :slight_smile:

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Thank you again! we have now flagged this as a bug. I am not sure though when this will be prioritised, just so that you are aware.