Hidden alt answers still show up

I’m currently making my own course for personal use.
I’ve set a few alternative answers with the underscore, so they don’t show up. But they still do.

During a multiple choice question, it looks like this:


1: A
2: B / C
3: D
4: E / F / G

I would like the answers C, F and G to not appear anywhere, but have them still as alternative answers.
Because now they are just 1 letter, but if every answer has a few words in it, it becomes too convoluted. But removing the alternative answers, is not correct for this course either.

Is this a bug or just not possible/implemented yet?

Hi @ucxbffb98,

Just tested this and it’s still working for me (as long as I disable strict typing).

Did you perhaps change your answers from including C, F en G to not including them in your preferred answers?


What is “strict typing”?

In my course words list, my prompt words/phrases to the left, don’t have any " / " or alternatives. It’s always that exact word.
My test answers, to the right, also don’t have any dashes. You just see one answer, but I’ve placed a few alternative answers, starting with a " _ " underscore.

I don’t know what else to do. It’s also a bit difficult to explain for me.

A column setting I only mentioned because it doesn’t really work with hidden alternatives.

I usually make strict typing courses myself.

But did you make any changes in your answers since you created your course?
Could you make a screenshot of the problem?

Since I’m reviewing material made by someone else, I changed the words to placeholders. But in the picture, answer 1 and 3 have multiple answers in their bar. That’s because I once typed it that way, but now I’ve placed everything after the dash as hidden alternative answers.

Answer 1 and 3 should look like 2 and 4.
I even reset the course progress, but the problem still persist.
Do I need to create an entire new course, just because I didn’t used the alternative answer feature in the first place?

It’s definitely a known problem then. You can read this thread and run the userscript (or you can start a fresh course).

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