Hi there

Hello my name is Ahmad,

I was always interested in learning new things, especially when it comes to languages,so I started to improve my English but not with the normal method of sitting all day on a chair browsing books :slight_smile: but in a more fun and intersting why like through playing video games in English,watching videos in English,I m happy to get compliments that my English “is very good for a non native speaker”,now I starter refreshing my Italian and after I also want to get some knowledge in Spanish.
Anyone who wants to talk with me in English,Italian and /or Spanish,feel free to add me on instagram: imkhalifah.official ,also we can follow each other on memrise :wink:


Welcome to Memrise (and Decks). I hope you enjoy learning along with so many others.

Have you seen this thread:

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Welcome Emily - I hope you enjoy Memrise and a warning … it can become addictive LOL.