Hi there Nice to meet you!

(SamuelSnowe) #1

Hey! My name is Samuel and I am from Canada, I want to learn Japanese, I was studying it a while ago but really fell off my wagon, I’m ready to get back on and try again though :slight_smile: if anyone wants to be friends or has a group related to this I’m always happy to meet new people!

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #2

Salutations @Samuel_Snowe48 and welcome to Memrise! :wave:
I am @MohammedSherwi but I like to be called MemriseMasterSherwi:
(These are some of my profile pictures)

Can you send me a link to your page so I can follow you, I study Japanese too!


(SamuelSnowe) #3

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #4

No, a link to this:
Well, the one for you.