Hi! Learning Portuguese, hope to connect!

Hi guys. I’m Ben. I’ve known Memrise for about three years, but took a long time away from it. In the beginning I was living in China and using it to learn Mandarin. Now, I am living in Portugal and using it to learn Portuguese!

So I am relatively good at Chinese now, and am a total beginner with Portuguese, and would love to connect with any English learners who can help me with Portuguese or who I can help with English. Would also love to keep my Chinese practiced with anyone.


Hey Ben,

I like the ying yang and the triple 7.

I started learning European Portuguese 2 weeks ago with Memrise, I’m from South West London, currently living in Scotland. I am 175 words into level 2, I was able to learn more easily than from scratch because I almost completed up to level 3 on Spanish using memrise in the past(although have not practiced consistently for at least 6 months) so understood some rules and many words which helped speed portuguese to the point I am at now.

I am building my routine for learning at this early stage and something I would love to use with memrise is the group function and for part of my learning routine, interacting with others. I had thought of specifically native speakers but saw your post and it dawned on me how helpful and motivating it might be to have “classmates”. I will create a group, maybe you would like to start there as a way for us to learn portuguese together at this early stage, with a view to expand to include other learners at the same stage as us and to get a grasp on what the group function actually can do and then create a structured thing. Blah blah, big ramble. I will start by following you so we can battle for top of our respective mempal leaderboard, if you wish to do the same?

Lemme know what you think brother.