Hi i am yf kaki

soooooooooooo i have been using memrise so quite a long time but i just recently found this forum.
I learn mostly English and Germans but sometimes i feel like testing out other language courses. No idea what more to type.

I am a Polish woman. Won’t tell you my name (you would probably have problems with pronouncations) and age (I don’t like being judged by my age).
Apart from English/German I am also interested in the Deaf culture, but i am shy about talking about that, 'cause i know just a few signs. I watch Deaf youtubers often. I also watch Netflix and anime. I find Japanese a nice language, but with hard grammar. Of course, Polish grammar is way harder, but I can’t learn the Japanese one.

This is the main thread where you may get greeted:

Ehhh, big threat to get greeted is a bad idea in my opinion, so i don’t care about being greeted anymore :frowning:

EDIT: but ok, sorry i didn’t see i shouldn’t make a thread my fault, if it’s a problem, delete it.

You are most welcome to the Forum.

Please comment on any posts you read or contribute where you wish.

You could also add some description about yourself and what you like studying in your description field (click on your - or anyone’s - name to see what I mean).

Would you like me to close this thread for you @yf98kaki ?

Only if this thread is illegal.

Ok, let’s add description of me.

Hi, yf kaki!

I am a native English speaker who is studying German because, because of my dad’s side of the family, I’m fully 50% German! He speaks only English, as did his parents. Although he remembers his grandmother chasing him around saying something in German that I’ve been unable to reconstruct. But he knew he was in trouble :slight_smile:

I’ve been here, well, today. So one day so far.

I replied to you because I too am interested in Deaf culture. I’ve studied American Sign Language, but I don’t get much out of the vids on YouTube. I don’t know enough ASL to really follow them. I have a friend who is Deaf. I don’t see him often. But I probably only at my best knew 200 or 300 signs. I shudder to think how much I’ve forgotten. Sign Language is harder to learn than German and many other languages, I think, because you don’t have a written component, so to speak. You practice something visual, but you don’t write anything down to go along with the ‘spoken’ aspect of it. This is a handicap for me, anyway.

What is difficult for you about Japanese? I’ve never tried to learn any language other than the ones I’ve just mentioned.