Hi from New Zealand, who else is learning Italian?

Hi everyone, I’m a Memrise newbie and also an Italian language :it: newbie.
I’ve visited Italy a couple of times, and oh my, I’m so in love with the food, the history, the people, culture, and landscapes.

Who else is learning Italian? And are you into food, wine, olive oil, music, etc. as well?

I believe that learning a language is all about diving into the culture, what is your opinion about that?

When I’m not learning the language, you can find me in the kitchen trying Italian recipes.
I haven’t got an authentic Moka pot yet, by the way, but it’s on my wish list for my birthday :smiley:

Looking forward to reading your Italy story. Ciao!

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When you finish the 7 levels, have a look at the many courses in the community, many are actively supported and you can find [Course Forum]s for them if you have questions or spot something amiss.

Keep scrolling down (lots) below the 1 to 7.

Memrise - Italian - Courses for English (UK) speakers

And these are > courses < I am supporting, some with other contributors.

Benvenuta @modeneef!

Italian culture is very easy to fall in love with - great to hear you are learning the language!

This is a course I made years ago to introduce learners to the incredible Italian singer-songwriters of the '60s and '70s:

The vocab is probably on the more advanced side, but all the music videos I’ve posted have accompanying lyrics, which you can read through if you enjoy the songs.

Buona fortuna per il tuo viaggio all’italiana!