Hi all I

Hi everyone…
I started with Memrise awhile back, but things in life got me distracted - you know how it is!!

So anyway, it’s great to be back. I didn’t even know that a forum existed last time. A couple of things though, if anyone could help me… Firstly, I paid for a year when I first started with Memrise. I have now installed it on a different phone, and it’s the free version. I’m sure that it was less than a year ago. Is there anyway to find out?
And secondly, the only other courses that are available to me are a limited number of language courses. Any idea on that one??

EDIT: I have gone ahead and paid for month, I really want the whole course available to me! But still only a handful of language courses available to me…

Many thanks in advance…

Hello David,

The problem might be that you are using an app, where only Memrise created courses are available. Try searching the web version and starting the courses there, once you start learning, they should appear in the app as well.

Also, since you haven’t check out memrise for a while, new website is being launched decks.memrise.com for only user created courses, but there’s no app for it yet. For more information on Decks, search the forum.

Good luck.

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Many thanks TL…

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