Here, Some nice ideas

(Iilii) #1

Now I see Memrise has a nice new look, I really like it, but still, there are some things that should be taken care of, like give more options to customize courses in a more individual way like for example I wanna add a good new definition or hint but it kinda gives away the answer so I wish I could blurry that part, I just feel like there’s more field for customization improvements, and well those things could be pro features so that way people with true commitment for creating good courses can be able to give a plus to its courses.

-Also, it could be nice if the community could suggest improvements to the creators of those courses, like "hey, check this nice audio, or this amazing image, example or grammar explanation.
(I don’t know if this is going to reach the staff so please if someone has the possibility of sharing this with them, do it)

(Amanda Norrsken) #2

That’s what these forums are for :smiley:

But people haven’t made course forums for every single course that has been made and is on Decks; they just get added when someone takes the initiative. But that is exactly what does happen on the course forums that exist. I can vouch for this for the courses I curate and the forums that go with them.

(khx333) #3

In a well-behaved world, each new custom public course would get a sub-forum for posting issues.

(Iilii) #4

I suggest something like the way google docs works, you can share your work and your team could make its suggestions what you would have to do it’s press accept or denied, I see there’s an option to have coworkers but it just has a larger range of possibilities of improvements if you have the people doing your course suggest what they would like… It also could release a bit the frustration that’s is feel often when you know there’s a better approach to some section on a course but you can’t give a quick suggestion for edit and a way to visualize the possible changes.

The mastermind of the course just would have to sit an see the notifications rise or go to a section of “suggestions” where appears the name of who makes the suggestion, the number of suggestions that person has made till now… and just click the preview to have a quick view of what it would look like.
(But yeah I know it’s easy to go and say I want this, but is it possible? how much work would it be? is the cost-benefit meritorious? Ikd I’m just an usser making some suggestions)

(Fish Slap) #5

On the courses I created or somehow found myself assigned to, I usually put my twitter name in the description so people can tweet at me with questions or comments. When users had profiles, I had it in my profile. I haven’t created a forum for my courses because I’m almost as bad about checking my email as I am about checking the forum.