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Hello! I remember getting a Memrise subscription for 18$ a year ago, and a year later it renewed again for 60$. I would like to get a refund. It’s been about a week, way less than the 30 days limit but when I go to the refund link it says I’m ineligible. Thank you! :slight_smile:


@MemriseSupport Hello if I can get some help with this issue I would be grateful.

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i have the same issue

Have you had your refund? I’ve just noticed mine has renewed and can’t afford it. There is no simple way to speak to anyone you discuss this :pensive:

Yes I have had my refund. I spammed their email and the community post whilst tagging memrise support. They got back to me within the day

I’m having this same issue right now. How do I tag them?

I’ve tagged them for you in your other posting.

Thanks Olaf. How do I tag them so they can see I need a refund, I also unsubscribed but it’s just get the refund.

I’m glad you got your refund… They should at least notify us before renewing. They took it out Christmas Eve… I have no money in my bank and now I’m being charged for it😔

I would recommend creating your own thread and tagging @MemriseSupport. And @MemriseMatty

You don’t have to as I have already done that in your own thread, as stated further up. To tag people, type the @ symbol, followed by the name of the user here on the forum, for instance @jaarnold1985.

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I understand now thank you so much for your help.

Hi @fruitcarton77,

Sorry for the confusion.

Please note that since you subscribed via Apple/iTunes (iOS), you will need to get in touch with Apple directly to request a refund. (Unfortunately Apple do not allow developers to access the refunds system) -

To cancel your subscription, please follow the instructions below:

@jaarnold1985 we checked our records and can confirm that your refund has been issued on December 30th. The amount will appear in your account within 5-10 days. :slight_smile:

@Kayla_Baumann8c We can confirm that you are eligible for a refund under our 30-day money-back guarantee. You can submit your request by visiting while logged in on the relevant profile.

Finally, please note that you can contact Memrise Support directly at any time in the app (You/Profile > Settings > Help) or by visiting on web. :slight_smile: We’ll reply asap.

We hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Memrise Team

Any further doubts or questions?

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