Help with Levels

(Fredrik Coulter) #1

I’m creating a course with two levels. Each level is supposed to have a name. But for some reason, I can change the name of the level, but the word “Acronym” appears within the parenthesis. How can I change the word contained within the parenthesis. (One of the levels is supposed to be Acronyms, while the other level is supposed to be Terminology.)

Also, can I move an item from one level to the other? Or do I have to delete and reenter?

(Chris Marquet) #2

Hi there,

You simply need to clic on the level name to rename it as you wish.
If name is between parenthesis after level 1 or 2 it might be that you put it as the DB name…
It can not be changed like that…

You can move names / row within a level but not between levels.
If it’s just one name cut and pace. If it’s more you can still use a spreadsheet to load your list.


(Fredrik Coulter) #3

Thanks. That helped me.