Help us improve Memrise!

Hi dear Memrisers,
We regularly test the usability of our products in our office in London, UK or remotely.
Testing sessions usually last 30-60 mins and in return for your time we offer compensation ranging from £30-£50 depending on the session. Please complete the form if you’re interested in participating.

Thanks for your interest,

Memrise UX Team


Hey, is this testing project only for citizens of the UK?

No, definitely not. Sometimes we need remote participants too.

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Hi Allan,
I deleted this because it is already stated in the intro of the survey. Just trying to avoid too much formal text in an announcement.
We love GDPR, and always comply with the rules. The opposite results in a very bad way for businesses, as you know.

Have a merry Christmas,


Apologies, I guess I didn’t look into it hard enough :man_shrugging:

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No worries, I understand how you are sensitive about GDPR, it is the same for me. Just to make clear, we are using the information you share with us only to arrange a research session with you and to see if the research we are conducting fits to the candidate.
Without email address or phone number arranging a session is impossible of course :slight_smile:


I didn’t know Memrise did this? Not saying it’s bad. It must really give the company a guide to help them as they get the users point of view so they also get it from their perspective. I have the ability to pin topics (as I am a forum leader in the Wonderful Memrise community!), but choose not to unless it’s urgent that everyone must know, but I have never needed to. :slight_smile: I would like to help by taking part. But as I’m under 18. I think I’d get in the way compared to what other people might do.
Good Luck on the testing sessions! And Happy Memrising @ayshetuba! :star2:

Sugerencia, el sistema de ‘repaso clasico’ podría ponerse de forma que se pueda hacer más de diez ejercicios cada vez. Pufff sería una autentica comodidad poder hacer hasta que acabes tu repaso, sin tener que dar click siguiente>siguiente.
Muchas gracias

Suggestion, the ‘classic review’ system could be set so that more than ten exercises can be done each time. Pufff would be a real comfort to be able to do until you finish your review, without having to click next> next.
Thank you