Help please. Can course creators turn on/off audio testing?

I’ve completed all the audio for one of my courses.

However the audio testing is not activated.

Is this at the disposition of the course creator/curator ?

Or is it activated by memrise alone ?


@flamantrose Click on the “details” tap when you are editing your course. At the bottom you should see a box that will allow you to enable audio mode.

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I assume that setting is only to enable/disable the mobile-only audio tests that happen at random times during review, right? It does not affect how the course works when you use “prompt with” or “test on” an audio column, right?

When you are editing your course there is a ‘test on’ drop down option. Did you set it for audio? See the gray pencil top left of the image below, while editing your course click on it and it will open a new window with the option to change the how you test option, to audio.

Thanks all !

I hacked it, it worked.

In fact, it is only turned on for the course creator… and I am curator of this course

And the course creator has vanished for some time now (2 years ?)
So anyway it is working now.

Merci à tous !

Hi, if the course creator is no longer around we (Memrise) can edit any settings inaccessible to contributors. Feel free to message me if needed. Best wishes, Lien


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind !

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How does one figure out how long a creator has been inactive?

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For the Memrise Team, it’ll be easy to see when the creator last logged on.

For the rest of us, there is no way to see how long ago they last were active but there are a couple of ways that will give you some clues. If you are following the creator [gosh, that sounds a bit ‘biblical’ :slight_smile: ] their points score on your leaderboard will remain static. If you are not following them (which is probably more often the case), you could hover over their username in the “created by” area of the course homepage to see their total points score and then keep an eye on it for any movement (or lack of).



To add my 2 cents, since I started the thread.

It has been almost two year s since "we " my co-curator and I for this course exchanged with the Curator via the OLD forum. Since then he has not connected nor given sign. I’m still in contact with the other curator of this course, many exchanges, mostly via the OLD forum. But no sign of FreakyFreeman… nor any clue. But it really isn’t a problem… I was able to hack the audio anyway.


By the way there is an interesting discussion here about becoming a curator of an “abandonned” course for anyone interested :slight_smile:

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FreakyFreeman is no longer active … Let me know if you (or anyone else) would like to become a contributor for any of their courses.

Hello, Boxey and myself are active and contributors to this course.

@Lien If you add contributors please put them in touch so that we can coordinate. The old Forum used to serve that purpose.

I did open a Forum for the course as we were instructed [Course Forum] Advanced vocabulary by freakyfreeman (curated by others)

So people can react there also.

This course is not abandonned ! I myself added all the attributes and all the audio, plus many corrections from the Community stemming from interesting discussions that spawned in the old Forum.

Cathryn aka FlamantRose

Sure, I won’t add any new contributors to a course that is being looked after. If you wish to alter any settings contributors don’t have access to, ping me and I’ll take care of it.


Thanks, may I add that it is more of a “sharing/communication” issue than a “control” concern.

Good to know you are available if need be :slight_smile:


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OK so I have

  1. Audio tests disabled in my settings
  2. Disabled audio tests within the course settings
  3. On top of that the level should be PROMPTING with AUDIO and test with the Phoneme. Instead it prompts with Phoneme and tests with audio!

What can I do?