Help getting started?

I started using memrise a few days ago as I’ve heard good things about it. While the actual content of the course I chose looks really promising, I’m just super confused about navigation and how the website and app work. The available content seems different on the app vs the web interface (ie some content is locked on one but not the other) and it doesn’t match up with what the website says re: the difference between paid vs free content; the price and available options for subscription are different on the app vs the web; and it’s just super unclear on both how to actually navigate the course and use it day-to-day. I can figure out how to do a classic review or learn new words, but I can’t seem to find a way to find a list of the words I’ve already learned. The user interface is just super confusing and unintuitive on both web and app.

Also, I’m reading in the forums that a bunch of user-created content is going to be removed from Memrise. How do I know whether the course I’m doing will be impacted?

Just from the content I’ve learned so far, I’m leaning towards purchasing an annual subscription, but the confusing navigation and weird conflicts between the app and the website, and the alarm over everything I’m seeing in the forum about changes to the service are really holding me back. Is there any kind of new user tutorial or navigation help I could access that would help this stuff make more sense?

Thanks in advance!!!

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You can find out if it’s an official course by looking in the right corner of the icon. In your list of learning you have a course by Memrise (official course) and another by Briellelabelle (course created by user):

Courses created by the community will not be deleted. They will only change addresses (they will go to a sister site).


Thanks Milamy! The FAQ does help a little with some of the navigation, thank you! And it’s good to know that Arabic won’t be moved, though it’s unfortunate that phonetics will. Seems much simpler and more straightforward to keep them in the same place, but I’m sure they must have their reasons. :woman_shrugging:

Unfortunately, the FAQ still leaves a lot unanswered. I’m not sure how I’m meant to use the different features/activities in concert with each other for best impact. I still can’t find how to see a list of the words I’ve learned, how to compare/contrast sounds (is that even possible?), or how to get back to the home screen from the “garden”, how to adjust the timer to allow me more time to consider questions, and a bunch of other things. I was kind of hoping there was a tutorial of some sort. It also doesn’t seem to address the disconnect between the app and the website at all. I guess I’m just a bit overwhelmed.


Some questions I can answer (others I did not understand). As for the app, I’ve never used it, so I do not know how it works.

About words learned:
When you enter your page, you see a list of courses. You click on a course, for example Arabic 1 (click on the icon). The Arabic 1 course page opens, and shows the summary and levels. If you click on a level, it shows the words you have learned (or will learn at that level):

An example of a course I’m learning. In the right corner of the last figure, it shows how many days are left for the next review:

The question:

Is it where flower pots appear? If so, just click on the course icon. You can also save the link on your computer for quick access.

On the web it is not possible to adjust the timer for review. At sister site Decks, it is an issue that is being discussed.

During the classic review there is a pause button, which may help you, but if you press it, it does not stay on the same screen, so it is not possible to look at what was written while the screen is paused.


hi can you tell me the best japanese course.

Hi @Cai_Turvey44,

It depends what your starting point is.

The official ones are structured 1 to 7 and should have audio and video (not checked).

But the Community should have created many.

Search on the web and read the full description.

Once started, these can be learned on the App.

Moral - always start on the web.

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Hi so do you actually study japanese on memrise or not.

We would always recommend the official memrise courses which have videos of local people and high quality audio
The key choice is do you want to learn the script or not
Our first no script course is here Learn Japanese (no script) on Memrise - Beginner - Japanese 1 (no script) - Memrise
Or to start with the scripts Learn Japanese on Memrise - Beginner - Japanese 0 - Memrise


Thanks for your reply @James_g_memrise.

do you actually study Japanese on memrise … ?

No I don’t, @Cai_Turvey44, but I recommended the Official 0 to 7 courses first, followed by a » search « on the web for follow up.

Hopefully some of the many ‘students’ will advise you.

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thank you for putting links there as well.

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