Help archive the forum, it's going away soon! - instructions

I’m trying to archive as much of the forums as I can, but it’ll take a bunch of us doing it if we want to make sure all the important stuff is saved, or maybe even the whole forum.

Internet Archive’s/’s Wayback Machine, it saves snapshots of websites so they can be accessed later. If you make an account, you can toggle “save screenshots” (optional) and “save outlinks” (important), this will make it save all the links on the page as well as the page itself. You can archive without an account but only a single page at a time.

Open it and go to important parts of the forum, top pages that have a lot of links to threads or posts on them, do it for individual posts with important information on it too, and copy and paste the link to save however many you have the spare time to save.

Would greatly appreciate help in archiving as much of the forums information as possible, I’ve been at this for the past few hours. Tried to make a post on Reddit about this but their spam filter doesn’t like comments made by brand new accounts without some history on them.

Method 2 (simpler and automated): install the official Wayback Machine extension from this link: Chrome or Chromium based (if you’re not using Firefox, probably this) | Firefox

Click the extension and then click accept and enable at the bottom, click the extension again and click the settings/gear icon at the bottom of the popout, click the general tab, then check the auto save page box, and change the “if not archived” box to within 30 days, that way you’re only saving pages someone else hasn’t already archived during these final days.

Then all you have to do is browse around and click threads and it’ll automatically archive the site for you (and any other sites you browse to unless you disable it, keep that in mind).


@NiaTheCat Thanks for starting this! :smiley:

I’m trying out a fully-automated way to scrape the entire Memrise forums, so that we don’t need to do it by hand. It looks like it’s going well and should be done in a few hours :slight_smile:

God willing, I’ll upload it somewhere and post a link after it’s finished :slight_smile:


Maybe try to do that also for I’ll see if I can help @NiaTheCat .

@Arete_Hime Would be different than directly mirroring

I’m using httrack for the mirroring, BTW. It’s… taking a while, lol. I’ll probably need to let it run overnight.

That’s better than just a download link at least, but yes I think so. Or both have their advantages. You’ll eventually get bored of it or Google decides to stop showing your pages, but a mirror is probably easier to browse. Best is both I think, by the time you stop mirroring it, it will probably have stopped being relevant.

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@Arete_Hime Ya, I’m thinking mirror + downloadable archive :slight_smile:


Depending on the size could you upload it as a torrent as well, or would there probably not be enough people for a torrent of it to be worth it?

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@NiaTheCat I probably can’t do a torrent, sorry. Are you on an unstable internet connection?

The archive is still ongoing, but it’s currently around 500MB, unzipped. I expect it to be much smaller once zipped :slight_smile:

BTW, thanks again for your efforts on this :slight_smile:

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Ah for some reason I was expecting it to be at least a dozen gigabytes, I think I way overestimated the size of the forum.

My internet is stable I was mostly thinking of ways to try to keep the file around for longer, but based on the size so far I don’t think that’ll be an issue :slight_smile:


It might be once it’s done! XD I hope not, though, haha.

It’s grown to ~800MB, but it looks like it’s now scanning posts from 2016, so hopefully it’s almost finished! XD


Formerly very active users who might want to save their comments. You can export your comments as a zip file in your profile.

@cooljingle, @cos, @Hydroptere, @amanda-norrsken, @Atikker, @John_Baite, @Oli-M, @ian_mn, @Hombre_sin_nombre, @duaal


@KungaLodro84, @TheFour-GatedDanzig, @sircemloud, @lurajane, @Milamy, @neal.p.carey, @MaxineDownunder, @IchigoSmof, @Geil, @TinyCaterpillar

@Nukemarine, @Kaspian, @Robert-Alexander, @xvg11, @ale_c, @GabrieleCramer-Knebe, @spdl79, @RyouBakura, @gardariki, @dylan.nicholson.548

Thanks everyone.
I’ll have a read tomorrow.

I tried to download, copy or save some PM discussions I’ve had about a shared course, but when I go to view it, it flashes up, then disappears.

All I can think is, as it’s a PM it won’t let me see it.

Any suggestions?


Please add @DW7 if you can.

@DW7 If you download your personal data from your profile like @Arete_Hime said, you’ll find your PM’s inside the user_archive.csv.

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Quick update: Mirroring is still in progress :slight_smile: Currently at 2GB.

Ugh, now it’s downloading the RSS feed for each topic. I guess I should have excluded those XD

At least this means it’s probably mostly finished downloading all of the forum topics! :slight_smile:

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Sorry @Arete_Hime, I’ve had a look around but struggling to find how to do this within MemRise Forum and not sure what steps I should follow by any other method.

Cc @duaal

Many thanks @duaal, that’s downloaded my sessions etc but no courses and nothing off the Forum (especially the PS I wanted).

Is that what I should have expected?

Sorry I’m not into these things.

On the page the request archive button near the bottom should grab your forum data

anyone else wanting to use that link just change the text after /u/ in the link to your own username