Hello. What does relax you? Aquariums?

hello everyone! I would like to share my experience as it became much easier to learn languages and new information when I stay near to the aquarium as it relaxes the mind and helps cope with stress. However, I observed that my aquarium was filled by new creatures. Check them out :slight_smile:

But what does help you learn something new?

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Aren’t these creatures dangerous for the aquarium? I heard that most worms hunt fish. Pay attention to not wake up in the morning and all your little friends will be broke into pieces. They are Satan’s envoys in the aquariums.

In my opinion the thing that helps me relax is to listen to the Samsung ringtone “Over the Horizon” (the old one) over and over as it is so calming :musical_note::iphone::musical_note:

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I thought I was the only one who liked these little creatures. The first time I saw them was in a small encyclopedia when I saw just a little kid. They seemed so big that gave me nightmares. When I grew up, we met again in an aquarium. This was the moment when we felt in love. For me, this is the same as someone who has a snake, just exotical pets. Now I have the chance to buy my worms. It’s not due to the fact that they relax me, they give you a certain confidence, an elite status. If you don’t really know what I’m talking about, go https://arcreef.com/bristle-worms/bobbit-worm-eunice-aphroditois/ on and read about them.