Hello! Let's introduce ourselves :)

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I found Memrise to supplement the other French I’m studying. My two main courses are Pimsleur (in the car; morning commute) and Duolingo. I’m finding that the Memrise official courses work just fine as a third main course.

Of course, being the techy kind of guy, I thought I’d experiment with adding courses. I had just taken the first of three courses on Robotic Process Automation from the AICPA, and I thought about adding the terminology as a course. It was easy, so after running through the course once, I’ve added it to the site.

I’m also working on earning by Certified Governmental Financial Manager certification, which involves taking three tests. In order to keep the terms in my head, I have two in-process courses on the site. Once I’ve completed the first course, it will be released in the wild. The second one will be once I’ve completed the course and passed the test.

I’m also working on a few other courses related to accounting terminology. They will also be released after I’ve gone through the courses myself.

I’ve also got a private French tree for those terms I run across that aren’t from Duolingo or the official Memrise courses. I don’t know if I’ll ever release those, but they help me remember the new terminology.

Who am I? I’m a married father of two adult children. I’m learning French because I’d like to see the world when I retire, and French is an official language of more countries than any other except English. (I already know English.) I plan on taking the DELF examinations, but that has more to do with proving to myself what I can actually do.

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Welcome everyone I’ve whose intro post I missed due to inattention! (So that’d be @elaine_ua, @EleonoraCheles90 and @DobreNoNie.)

Also, hello again @fredrikcoulter (sure I’ve seen you around, but you’re quite new – the meet and greet introduce-self post needs stickying. @MarshallLanguages, do you have the permissions to do this?).

I hadn’t realised so many countries had French as an official language! I’m also learning French (albeit very slowly because I’ve never been very good at romance languages). Hope you have more luck than me with the French and pass those tests your studying for : )



@isharr. You called? Anything I can do for you? :slight_smile:


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Sorry. Not been online. But I was wondering if this particular topic could be stickied (sp?) to make it easier for newcomers to find? It must end up pretty far down half the time, given how quiet things are on here. There are multiple intro threads but this is the most recently used (other not been posted in since October last) and, besides, they could easily all be merged (that’s possible, right? I forget if leader has permissions to do this?) for better organisation, aye?



I have perms to. But I may not be allowed. @Joshua. Would I be allowed to pin this? So new users can get given advice? Just want an opinion.

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Sure thing. :penguin:


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Pinned. Please use this topic if you are new, lost, or just want to chat and be a part of the Memrise community!



Cheers. I named the ping. So people just generally know why the pin has been added, :wink: . Thanks @Joshua!. Happy Memrising.

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Yay, organisation!

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Good stuff, and good logic :star2::brain::star2:

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Hi I’m Mustafa. I started learning french 2 years ago and it was with Duolingo but then i found Memrise which is so cool. This is my username on duolinog MustafaHos12. I think using both apps can have a huge impact on your learning.

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