Hello! Let's introduce ourselves :)

(Blue Basket Girl) #63

That’s so awesome :smiley:
I would love to do that, but I can’t, I’m not allowed to share any of my social media on here. But I hope you find someone to help you improve your English skills (which are already pretty great!) very soon! :blush:

(Blue Basket Girl) #64

Haha. I am a native English speaker, I was born in the United States. :slight_smile: I would love to be your friend! :smiley:

(Blue Basket Girl) #65

A lot of people in my family play violin, so I know how to play a little bit of violin (and some piano), but I like singing and acting better. :slight_smile:

(Blue Basket Girl) #66

Same- for the Star Wars thing. Han Solo is my favorite for sure!!!

(Blue Basket Girl) #67

C’est genial! I hope I said that right… xD

(JiminieVKook) #68

Hey, me, too @Blue_Basket_Girl! I love singing and dancing. I wanted to act, as well, but I’m too afraid of the camera and crowds, along with constantly forgetting my lines. So shameful…

(John Pierre Velléroux) #69

Cool! Same about the dark side thing…right? I always love meeting people who are dark side, too. Did you see The Force Awakens?

That’s cool! Does any of your family have neck problems, too? Or is that just me? Also, what type of singing/acting do you do?

(John Pierre Velléroux) #70

You dance Jiminie? What type of dancing?

(JiminieVKook) #71

Um, well… I mostly just do my own thing. I’m not very good at singing or dancing, if I am allowed to judge myself, although, a couple people heard my voice and says it’s not bad. A certain somebody (he’s not a very nice person, by the way), says that my singing would make the dogs’ ears from a mile away go deaf. I’ve never been trained and I’ve just recently decided that I want to try dabbling in that (partly because of a certain guy - placed in the above). I am trying to do, and learn, different moves like you will see if you watch some of those Kpop songs/music videos. So, I guess, pop dance; if there’s such a thing. :blush: I will also have to work on reacting better under close scrutiny and criticism; from what I’ve heard, I’m thinking that I’d crumble. :disappointed: I’ve tried writing songs, too, but the only times that I get far enough into it, it’s usually until I finish the first chorus, and then my mind goes blank. So, yeah… I’m still working on that.

(John Pierre Velléroux) #72

Haha, yeah…I’m a professional dancer…when I have Just Dance with me (or I just flail around, thinking that I look cool). Sorry about that “certain guy’s” comment. Not nice at all.
I understand mate. Criticism is hard to accept, especially when someone is right about you/whatever they’re criticizing. But I’ve found that the only way to get used to being criticized, is by being criticized (sadly). Ya get that a lot in the art world! You’re better than I am, though. I used to get really angry at people, and lash out in a way. Thankfully I got my butt handed to me in an alley outside of a pub, and I learned my lesson.
How do you write your music? I’ve tried that GarageBand app before, it was…entertaining, just not successful.

(Blue Basket Girl) #73

Sorry, I’m on the light side xD I have seen The Force Awakens (sniff), but I have not seen the Last Jedi yet!!! Have you? NO SPOILERS!

Nope! It’s probably not just you though. I normally sing when I’m alone, xD but soon I would like to audition for a play at a theater nearby!

(Blue Basket Girl) #74

My siblings say I’m a horrible singer. I probably am, but I still think it’s fun :blush:

(John Pierre Velléroux) #75

I’m pulling a Darth Vader:
Haha, sorry about Han, I was really shocked when Kylo Ren did that.
I have seen The Last Jedi. I liked it much more than the Force Awakens. Don’t worry, I won’t give anything away! I despise spoilers with a passion! I won’t even watch trailers just so everything is new.

Hm, maybe I was holding the violin wrong? My teacher helped me a lot, but he seemed fine with the way I was positioning it. Good luck with that! I hope you’re successful with your auditions.

Btw, I read that you are home-schooled in your bio. I was too! Were you homeschooled all your life? Or did you have a little public/private school experience?

(Blue Basket Girl) #76

Really? I canNOT wait to watch it. LOL my dad is the same way, whenever a trailer comes on (mainly star wars movies) the TV, he runs out of the room :joy:

Maybe… Thanks!

I have been homeschooled all of my life, and I’m fine with it. I do not want to go to highschool-public school, and I’m already past middle school, and elementary. So the closest experience I’ll have to public school, is college. :slight_smile: Were you homeschooled all your life?

(JiminieVKook) #77

Aw, thanks guys. You’re the best! I normally sing alone, as well. I, also, haven’t seen the Last Jedi, but I don’t mind spoilers; I’d watch it just the same. :slight_smile: I mostly write whatever comes to mind, for I have been trying to research it, saying that there’s certain to go about doing it, but, so far, I haven’t come close to writing one. I’ve never heard of the GarageBand app. Hm. I’m homeschooled as well, but I was public schooled from pre-school up until some of sixth grade. I’m not sure if I want to go to college or maybe to a trade school, since I’m more of a hands-on kind of person, or if I should just jump into something. I was also thinking about being a lifeguard, but I don’t really know.

(John Pierre Velléroux) #78

@Blue_Basket_Girl :joy: I’m not the only one!!
That’s awesome! Are your siblings homeschooled too?

Thanks mate! I think the GarageBand app is just built into the Apple computer systems. I just saw it one day, when I was looking through some files, and tried it out. It’s pretty cool.
You’re homeschooled too? What’re the chances! I was the same way, Jiminie. I was in a private institution from pre to 4th. What trade school classes would you try out? Blue_Basket_Girl, do you already have a university you’d like to go to?

(JiminieVKook) #79

Yes, those chances are pretty good, so far. :grin: I was thinking, maybe, a mechanic class; dad had me helping out at home from time to time, whenever the vehicles needed checkups and I think that I did pretty good. He said I need to learn how to handle my others’ vehicles, when my time comes and I quite agree with him. I’d rather not have to get stuck on the side of a road, helpless, if I had the chance to keep that from happening. Or maybe, something to do with engineering. I was thinking about coding for computers, but I haven’t done that for about a year (basic and was learning on www.khanacademy.org), but for some reason, I had lost interest. I’ll have to go back and find out what had caused me to stop. Do the two of you use Khan?
Oh, the Han part was just so sad. My youngest brother loved that movie, so we watched it quite a few times, but whenever that part would show up, he would run, screaming and crying into the other room. It was sad, so I never understood why he kept watching that movie, until we all finished watched the Star Trek: Voyager series. I will probably watch that series again, but I will NEVER, EVER watch the last two - three episodes in the final season. EVER AGAIN! :sob:

(JiminieVKook) #80

Indeed. I hope you do great. I have thought about auditioning (it’s true), but I don’t understand how I can memorize lines and perform them, like I’m actually that person. I’ve watched actors, like Gary Oldman, become so in tune with their character, that he can practically blend into the movie, and you have to watch the movie two or three times before you finally find him. I’ve wanted to do that, but I’m always afraid that I’ll mess up. Yes, I’m working on changing my perspective. How do you memorize lines, because for the life of me, I can’t seem to! Besides pretending that it’s just you and/or without a friend in an empty room (yeah, no, that doesn’t seem to work for me)? Maybe I can try your method?

(Blue Basket Girl) #81

I’ve only been in one play in my entire life (I was one of the main characters), and I had this soundtrack of the play and all the lines, so I read the script along with the soundtrack, listened to the soundtrack a BILLION times, and I pretty much memorized my lines in an hour because of how excited I was!! :joy:

Maybe try recording yourself reading the script, then listen to that recording over and over, until you have them memorized? I don’t know, I’m not very experienced xD

(Blue Basket Girl) #82

Yes! All of my siblings and I have only known the homeschool life :smiley:

Yeah, I had the GarageBand app on our iPad a few years ago, but I didn’t use it much.

I’m not sure, I haven’t really thought about it much yet. And if I said one that I might want to go to, you would have a good chance of finding where I live. :stuck_out_tongue: