Hello! Let's introduce ourselves :)

(JiminieVKook) #42

Indeed, good sir, indeed! :smirk: I hadn’t expected the cookie part at all! Also, to answer one of your earlier questions, I practice playing on my guitar, sometimes, but I’m not good. I can only play a couple chords. Heh, it takes work! :slight_smile:

(BlackParis) #43

We should do a imessage group or something.

(BlackParis) #44

Dark Side Obviusly bro. What’re you thinking? JAJAJA

(John Pierre Velléroux) #45

Haha! Good point man

(John Pierre Velléroux) #46

Ah! Someone finally answered that question! Yeah, learning how to play an instrument takes a lotta time. I remember when I was trying to learn the violin, I think I was practicing 8 hours a day. Never got that good, though. Cello…I’d seriously practice for 8 hours, then after dinner…kept practicing. I had some serious shoulder muscles! So, why the guitar?

(JiminieVKook) #47

Well, I’ve always loved the way that it sounds. I also love the violin; it’s so calming and relaxing. I had a violin for maybe a day when I was four?, but then it disappeared, never to be seen again. I will assume that all the noise that I made was very squeaky and so my mom threw it out? Yeah, she not the best mother I’ve ever had, but my stepmother more than makes up for my mother’s mistakes! :relaxed: Anyway, it also beats the triangle, if you know what I mean! Ding, ding! Sorry. Again. :joy:

(John Pierre Velléroux) #48

Yeah, the guitar is amazing! Have you ever heard of Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds live at Radio City? Tim Reynolds does some crazy magic on his guitar, it’s just insane to listen to!
Hahaha! Your mom…she just couldn’t handle the practicing! :joy: Honestly, though, that might be a blessing in disguise. I have SO many neck issues because of the violin, and I’m probably going to retire from it soon. Don’t want another neck surgery! Yeah, I think I was about 8 when I got my first violin. The cheapest thing ever. $30 = bad, bad sound. Thankfully my sister wanted to “help” out, and tune it for me. She didn’t realize that, when the tuner had the “+” , that you need to lower the string…next thing you know, she got whipped in the face with the A string :joy: Poor thing actually started bleeding a little.
:rofl: Don’t worry, I love bad jokes!

(BlackParis) #49

I play the harmonica … HAHAHAHA ( just kidding)

(JiminieVKook) #50

@P.Velleroux I think I’ve heard of them before, but, unfortunately, I’ve never seen them play live. I’ve actually never been to any concerts before. It’s so sad; I don’t think that I’m a normal teenager. But, then again, I don’t think that I was ever normal. :crazy_face: It could be good that I’ve never seen it since; maybe the gods were smiling down on me that day. They were making sure that I wouldn’t get my heart broken over the fact that the birds from miles away wouldn’t end up losing their hearing. Heh. I’m so sorry to hear that about your sister. She doesn’t have a scar, does she? I hope not! I’ve never broken a string before (knocking on some wood), but I can imagine what that would feel like. I never thought about there being issues with playing the violin, and, hopefully, you don’t have them to badly. Yes, I’m filled with bad jokes today. I’m usually not this bad (oh, Sapphire), but apparently, today is not letting me get away with being clean of jokes. It’s good, though, that I’m not the only one who’s enjoying them. Maybe…

Edit: What kind of music are you into? I can listen to most anything, but my favorites are: country, pop, Kpop, and some kinds of metal.

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@ivorbcn My brother has a harmonica set and he has trouble playing. Apparently, they’re not as easy to play as one would think. Would do you like to do, hobbies or otherwise? What are you good at?

(BlackParis) #52

I’m good with languages bro. Harmonica 's really really hard. Im sure that its harder than piano.

(JiminieVKook) #53

Yeah, P.Velleroux is right about that: it takes time. I think, though, that if you could do it, if you practiced enough. I don’t know if it’s harder than the piano, but that would be good to find out. :slight_smile: The saxophone looks really scary, I’ll admit. I don’t dare think about playing that; what with all the button (keys) pushing and all! :sweat_smile:

(John Pierre Velléroux) #54

HAHAHA! So, Ivor, my sister actual did marry someone from Mexico…and he does play the harmonica. He was explaining it, and wow! Seems very difficult. Mainly because you have so many different types of harmonicas that sound so different.

Aslo, piano is MUCH easier than harmonica. I mean, you can still make music if you press your face against the keyboard…can’t do that with a harmonica!

(John Pierre Velléroux) #55

Wow! You need to go to a concert! They’re really apart of life nowadays. I think Dave and Tim might have an album on iTunes…if so it’s probably REALLY big. They played a lot of music that night! I’d recommend “41” - “Two Step” - and “Stay or Leave” just to get a sense of that album, if you’re interested.
Pffff, my sister’s fine! She didn’t even cry! She just passed out (can’t stand the sight of blood) no scar. She was more upset about “breaking” my violin. Believe it or not, breaking strings isn’t all that bad. It’s like FNAF (if you’ve ever played that game…or even heard of it) It’s just a jump-scare thing. My sis was just holding the violin REALLY close to her face. I don’t know why. Thanks mate, I don’t think my injuries are that bad. Just had a surgery once, and that was pretty terrible. Oy, quitting violin
Haha, we all have those days where our minds just fill with bad jokes, and you spew them out without any control. Funny thing, I had a day like that for my first job interview…I never got a call from that manager, believe it or not :joy: I do enjoy them too! Just not at a job interview…

I’m the same way. I’m not particularly into country…you don’t get that a lot in the UK (our I’m just that good at avoiding it). I like Pop, Alternative, Classical is a must for me, and just any music on the radio. Who’re your favourite artists in those genres?

(BlackParis) #57

People, what you’ll think about create an iMessage group and talk there?

(JiminieVKook) #58

If you want me to join. Sounds good to me, either way. That way we don’t upset those from the previous posts. What do you think @P.Velleroux? We all could talk together some more? I do agree with your previous post, though, ivorbcn. I probably would pay, too. :laughing: Which reminds me of Clubbing Seals by Mega Smegma. I love the song. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t find the beating of any living creature funny, but that song just cracks me up! Which is sad, because everyone else in our house, except my youngest brother, hates that song.

(John Pierre Velléroux) #59

Hahaha! I can play a mean Ode to Joy with my forehead. I live in Britain, but I’m never really there. Right now I’m in Colorado. What about you mate?

…This is sad, but I have a flip phone, and no iMessage. Or are you guys talking about just messaging each other via Memrise forum? That’d be awesome if we could do that.

Haha! Never heard that song JiminieVKook, sounds interesting, though.

(JiminieVKook) #60

I’ll have to take you’re word for it, unfortunately. :no_mouth: I am; I figured that ivirbcn was, too, but I could be wrong. I will warn you, though, that if you do listen to the song, you might hate it. I’ll understand that, if that does happen, just do let me know what you think of it, please.

(Blue Basket Girl) #61

Amazing! That’s a lot of languages :smiley:

(Blue Basket Girl) #62

Awesome blog! I wish you the best of luck :slight_smile: