Hello! Let's introduce ourselves :)

(矢樽) #22

Hi all! I’m Yatalu from Belgium :slight_smile: I speak Dutch, English, Japanese and (at least reasonably) French. Currently learning Macedonian and creating myself a course called Мајстор по македонски (master in Macedonian). Feedback is always welcome because I’m new to using memrise ^- ^!!

(BoBByCharles AppleBy) #23

Shalom Aleichem y’alls !!

My name is BoBByCharles Appleby and my memrise user I D is Yerachmeel. Well, I am probably a long lost descendant of AppleBy Castle in the northern part of England if I can prove my roots go back that far.
I am a 63 year old male gentile believer in Yeshua Hamashiach and have a love for ISRAEL and everything Jewish. I am a military veteran of the Unites States Navy and I hold an Associate of Science degree from a local community college in my area. I have a love for Astronomy, Philosophy, the piano and I also play chess from time to time. You will find me a tad daft, a bit more eccentric, and most definitely “meshugganah”. That is a yiddish word for ‘a little bit kwazy’, LOL. I currently work a a govt. job and I am doing alright. I am currently trying to learn the Hebrew language and have a love for being able to sing a little of it. I am interested in corresponding or making friends with other Messianic believers.

(Nour Mohamed6268) #24

Hey Emily!
My name is Nour, i’m 19 years old from Egypt
i’ve just joined memrise to learn Turkish. i had a duolingo account to learn Turkish too but i find that memrise is more better for me.
and i join an English course to improve my English too but i can’t improve my ability of conversation because i don’t have anyone to talk English with.
would you like to join me on skype to have a voice call and talk together? :slight_smile:

(Trucslo) #25

wellcome, Awesome!!

(Zara Kambara) #26

Hi Emely nice to have an introduction area here! Im Sarah from Germany. Got my English B2 level in school earlier. Im 30 yrs now. I think in my teenager days i didnt learn a lot so i try to fix that now.
Besides English im now expanding my turkish, in which im on the Sprachniveau A1.

Right now im looking for ppl to text with to improve my language skills. Maybe there are some with similar interests reading this? They should text me so we can make out if it fits. I can share my native german in order to get native english/turkish support.

I joined memrise lice 2-3 days ago, i just followed a hint of a duolingo member. Please please hit me up if we can do Tandem or sth like that to help each other gaining languages.

Türkce ögrenmek icin Türkce konusan bir kisiler ariyorum, benimle almanca ögrenmek istiyorsan lütfen bana yaz.

(Barbara Vogl31) #27

I’m very impressed, young lady :+1:

(Andyy 0qqayne) #28

Haloo Iq ben Andy ,aan haft voorgeete nederlands I forgot Dutch BECAUSE I wanted to go to Friislaan,but lived in Rotterdam 9 months my first time working abroad in 1978 at Lommerijk. konferens sentrum wanted to hear original Engels or the original Anglo Friisisq Fryske.I liked Dutch people ,they were very patient despite them wanting to speak English they let me try Dutch and when I heard about Friisland in north I went there and to Denmark Norway Swede,

(Somayehmz) #29

Hi Emily. I’m Somayeh, from Iran. Nice to meet you.
This is interesting, I’ve started to learn French on Duolingo as well. I’m trying to learn French on memrise too. I mean at the same time.
I would love to find some friends here, specially if they are native English speakers. So I’d love it if you could be one!
p.s. I don’t know how I got the idea that you’re a native English speaker, since I don’t even know where you are from! :thinking: :smiley:

(JiminieVKook) #30

Hello, my name is Sapphire Love. I live in North America. I am 18 years old and speak English. I found Memrise through Duolingo’s users. I love using Duolingo and the fact that you can even follow and sort of talk with other people, so when I heard about Memrise, I decided to check it out. I love using Memrise and find that I actually use Memrise more than Duolingo; although that could be because I can use Mems. :slight_smile: I am trying to learn Spanish and Korean. I also want to learn Japanese, Russian, German, and French, but I’m not sure if I’ll get that far. Heh… Anyway, anybody that uses Duolingo (or not) can follow me. Here, well, I’m JiminieVKook. I’m Viktor4ever, there at Duolingo. Also, I like to follow people, so if you do follow me, I can assure you, I WILL follow you back. :blush:

(John Pierre Velléroux) #31

Hi, I’m John. I’m pretty reserved, so this is a BIG step for me to talk about myself as apposed to reading Every. Single. Reply and topic like a stalker. I have been using Memrise for a small while, but have loved it. By far the best website I’ve ever tried out for languages! As I’ve written in my bio, I love art, and appreciate all genres of art out there, including the art of language. As of now, I am learning Italian just for the fun of it, but also for musical reasons. Out of the instruments I play, cello is by far my favourite! I’m curios, anybody out there play an instrument? Is anybody learning a language for a specific reason, or for fun?
Good day,

(BlackParis) #32

Hi! it’s Ivor! I’m Spanish. And I’m learning English, French and Italian. I used to do Duolingo. But the words are not useful. So i heard about memrise in YouTube. And I tried a few days. It’s a super good app to learn foreign languages. Now i’m premium user and honestly. It’s so useful!

(John Pierre Velléroux) #33

Just gotta say…huge Star Wars fan, Darth Vader’s my fave. Welcome to the forum!

(BlackParis) #34

Me too. Nice to meet you bro. Keep in touch

(Dreamyoungjae) #35

Hi ! My name is Sabrina, I’m 17 and I live in Canada. I can speak French (it’s my first language) and English (I learned it by watching tv shows). I’ve been using Memrise since last year I think because I want to learn Korean. If I ever manage to learn Korean, I’d like to learn other languages too, especially asian languages (Japanese is the one I want to learn the most after Korean) I’d also like to learn Spanish. Feel free to follow me on memrise, I’ll follow back :slight_smile:

(JiminieVKook) #36

Welcome, @dreamyoungjae! I love your profile picture. Isn’t that Jae from Day6? I haven’t heard any of their songs (yet), but those Kpop groups are one of the reasons as to why I’m trying to learn Korean. cough BTS and Seventeen cough :yum:
@ivorbcn Hello! I, three (:grin:), love Star Wars, but my favorites are Anakin Skywalker (before he turned bad) and R2D2! I’ve also taken a liking to Rey and Kilo Ren (he’s so funny in regards to his attitude in The Force Awakens)!

(John Pierre Velléroux) #37

@JiminieVKook and @ivorbcn, what side? I’m Dark side all the way :smiling_imp:


(JiminieVKook) #38

Well, @P.Velleroux, I’d say that that would be a 50/50 for me. I think I’d waver on the side of the field. :grin: Sorry, I couldn’t help it, even thought that was probably pretty sad. No, but honestly, I’d probably lean a little bit to the side of good, but sprinkled with a bit of dark. Awesome picture by the way! :scream: I think I hear the dark side calling…

(John Pierre Velléroux) #39


What about now?

(JiminieVKook) #40

OH, NO! Not the cookie, anything but the cookie! I’m stepping on the line. How could you P.Velleroux, how could you! Waaahhh. Father wouldn’t be happy about this! :joy: :rofl: That picture killed me, you know.

(John Pierre Velléroux) #41

HAHA!! Literally belted out laughing! The coffee and cookie is what got me to join :joy: :joy: Gotta love that Star Wars humor!