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The names Mike, nice to meet you all, I started memorize about 4 or 5 years ago ? when I had first moved to German speaking Switzerland and I desperately needed help to get on the way to learning German, I have to say memories and Duolingo are my life savers, I was able to speed up to a B1 language level in German with the help from these 2 websites. repetition is how I learn and memorize is amazing at that.

Now that I have reach a B2 level in about 5 years I am starting to learn French, time to see how that goes, if any of you wants to be friends and cheer each other along our language learning way feel free to add me. Cheers

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Hi Mike!

I could see how you have struggled for learning German. Great job and I’ve got some motivation through your experience. Now I’m also learning French, and it would be nice if we encourage each other.

Kind regards,

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Salutations Human Mike, I am MemriseMasterSherwi (not really :joy:) and I am an extraterrestrial human from planet VuV :alien: and really, welcome to the human language application Memrise.


Hey Mike! :wave: I understand struggling with language learning. I’m currently getting over a hump in Korean now, but we can do it! I bet you have made more progress by now. :smiley: