Hello! Anyone else learning a Native American language?

I keep checking the native american language forum and there’s never anything here so i decided to create a topic! Anyone else learning a native american language on here? I’m learning Ojibwe :smiley:


For what it’s worth, I studied Quechua for a year or so and even did a study abroad in Amazonian Ecuador, but I’ve forgotten most of the language. :slight_frown:

@radquaza What got you into Ojibwe?


I had been watching Ojibwe word of the day videos on Youtube by a user called Welcome to the Tipi. I think I’ll get back into it once I’m more fluent in the main language I’m learning.


I’ve always though native american culture and history was really cool, especially Ojibwe because I live in the same area and i’m 1/36th ojibwe. I thought that since I’m so interested in it, it’d be cool to learn the language, and loving it so far.
Quechua is really cool too! I’ve thought about learning it sometime.


i wanna learn mam but i can’t find any type of program of study neither here or youtube, do you have any place where i can find it?

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I’m learning Chickasaw! I created a course here on Memrise, but now I mainly post what I learn on Tumblr.


I did a little research and found this, this, and this. I couldn’t find anything that would fully teach you the language, but I hope it can at least get you started learning some phrases!

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thank you for the reply altough it’s in english hahah and i speak spanish, that was my mistake for not mention it

I’m learning old tupi. It’s considered an extinct language but is the most important one in Brazil, our Brazilian Portuguese has got a lot of words from old tupi. There is a course in Memrise, but very small. It’s good as a starting point but if you really want to learn it you need to look somewhere else.

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Hey, I love Native American languages, and I started to create as many courses as possible, beginning with Algonquian tongues. http://www.memrise.com/user/Hestren/courses/teaching/
For the moment I have: Atikamekw, Blackfoot, Fox and Lenape.


Love to see what you have done in Chickasaw language (very close to the Choctaw language as well) - historically the Chickasaw and Choctaw were brothers.


I haven’t done any work on the Memrise Chickasaw course in a while. Mostly I post on Tumblr. Here are all the grammar lessons I’ve written there. I hope to add more audio posts in the future.

It can be really challenging to learn a native language because of the lack of resources. I wish you [and all other native language learners] the best of luck!

I love hearing from other native language learners, so feel free to visit my tumblr or message me here.

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Good to see the progress. I commonly work with well over 175 languages and related dialects. (not including Klingon and Valerian). Here is one of the Chickasaw / Choctaw languages we were working on. http://www.josepharthur.org/chickasaw/

I’m learning Choctaw. I’ve been studying for 2 years thru the on-line program at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, although I’ve been learning on my own on-and-off for the past several years.

I used to live in Arctic Canada and learned a few words of Inuktitut when I was there, but because the dialects are all different, it was really hard to find learning materials for my local. :frowning: But even when I finally did find a text, I never managed to learn much because I did not have any Inuit friends to practice with. (I lived in an Inuit village, but most of the people I came into regular contact with through my job were white, sadly). Would love to learn again someday when I have the time.

Ive been studying Choctaw a lot for some months. I don’t live in Oklahoma, but I found the words have a lot of character and are easy to remember. I study it nearly every day and bought the new dictionary that the Choctaw nation put out in 2017. I also bought a grammar book. I notice the choctaw are most active online with a real language school. However, there is nowhere online to speak choctaw, no forum where people chat in chahta.

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