HEBREW DUOLINGO why a non-standard keyboard

I’m beginning Hebrew study with DuoLingo and the Memrise Duolingo decks. I am also learning to touch type a standard Hebrew keyboard. Is there a way to use a standard keyboard to answer the vocab quizzes in Memrise’s Duolingo Hebrew? It’s become very frustrating to hunt and peck when I could type if the keyboard shown were standardized.

Hi @LinD62

Are you using Windows?

כן and thanks for responding. I’ve now sorted things out and realize I can just use my own keyboard to type responses. It’s going great!

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Glad to hear that.

AAAAArrgh! I’m having the same experience. I bounce back and forth between Duolingo (standard Hebrew keyboard) and whatever the Memrise keyboard is. I get so screwed up by the two different keyboards that I run out the clock trying to type in answers on Memrise. Can’t we have a standard keyboard?

Also, where is the space bar??? When attempting to type in a two-word answer, I have to type the first word, then the first letter of the second word, then backspace, then hit the space bar on my own keyboard, and finally place the cursor after the first letter of the second word before I can continue typing in the rest of the second word.

Other than that, I’m enjoying Memrise. It is much less forgiving of Hebrew misspellings than Duolingo, and this is forcing me to address this problem.