Hebrew Duolingo - Modals


I have reached the section on Modals in Duolingo Hebrew. I cannot find the vocabulary for this subject in the Memrise course. Can somebody tell me where it is?

It seems that Hebrew Duolingo doesn’t contain all words found in the Duo course.
But there’s also Duolingo Hebrew - The Missing Words which at least contains a level for modals, so this might be what you’re looking for.

Perfect Olaf. תודה רבה!

אתם מוזמנים! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to contact the creators of Duolingo Hebrew to ask that they add all the missing content? I’d prefer it were all in one place myself.

It’s always helpful to post a link to the course in question, there’s a ton of Hebrew courses and probably several with a Duo context (hard to search due to the underwhelming search features …). Here’s the course that I think is the one you are referring to:

As for contacting course authors: when you open a course on the web (i. e. via the link above), you’ll see the (user-) name of its author on the top right, Mazzorano in this case.
The only way to get in contact with the author is via this forum. To do so, you can enter a @ followed by the user’s name, i. e. @Mazzorano. If the user’s name is highlighted with a grey background, the user has an account here and will be notified (which should be the case here).