Have streaks on iPad but PC says I haven't done anything in weeks

Ever since the bug that caused me to lose my streak I remember to do the courses on my iPad, after a few weeks doing the dailies for 3 courses (JP 0-2) I go on web version since there is a word it won’t show me (plus some other stuff) Here I see I haven’t done anything for that amount of weeks yet my iPad has always had wi-fi to it, always logged and checked every day.

I was wondering if anyone else had these issues. Have contacted support just to be sure since it was enough I lost my months streak but now this urgh.

I suppose @MemriseSupport will have to check this with/in your account.

I’ve tested this today on Android with a self-made course: When I complete a streak on the Android, and then go to the web, it say that I have 1 streak for that course. So it seems that your issue doesn’t happen under all circumstances.

It’s so strange that your app doesn’t communicate your streak to the server. You checked after you completed your streak for today, right? Not before, right?

The other thing you mention is, that there are some words that don’t show up on your iPad. What if you were all the time on WiFi, but somehow, memrise didn’t or couldn’t access the internet somehow. You could try to test this by searching for a random course and starting the course and learning one or two words. If you can learn a course you have never done before or never downloaded before, then we can assume that the App is accessing the Memrise servers just fine.

I checked before starting and there it also was normal, showing i haven’t done anything for that day but still shows my current streak, can try the test random course as when i thought it was the downloaded course issue so disabled it.