Hate alphabetical

(Rabberish) #1

Hate the fact that the word list is alphabetical. Makes it easier than it should be to answer the questions, since one already knows something about how the German words start. Tried skipping around, but, when I click “Next” it goes back to the lesson after the last completed alphabetical lesson. Would be great if it were possible to randomize the words. Is there at least a way to skip around to words later in the alphabet and continue from that point without having to go back to the main page and re-choose the lesson?

(Benton 1) #2

Rabberisch, it would be helpful if you mentioned to which German course you are referring.

(Irridmemorizza) #3

My suggestion:
Go to the site where all levels are listed.
Choose a level, let’s say ‘letter D’. Learn a few words.
Next learning session choose a different level let’s say ‘letter G’. … and so on …
In the end you learned some words of each level.
And then start again - in different order…

(Baite) #4

I agree with @rabberish - generally words shouldn’t be presented alphabetical.
It’s educationally sound, to have a logical order of learning, e.g. all the verbs of to be, then all the pronouns, then let’s say, the numbers 1 to 10, basically, words that go together should come together. Or all the words of the sentence ‘What is your name?’ and then the sentence itself.

Not just alphabetical. I have tried to study a few that were: horrible indeed! Completely useless words for a beginner are presented right in the beginning!

But @Benton.1 is right, which course is this? Because it is the course creator decides what the order is. My courses are never alphabetical, and

(Rabberish) #5

The course is German vocabulary (from English): “Courses>Languages>European>German>German. 5000 German Words (top 87%)”.