Has anyone tried Viki Learn yet?


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(Tampora) #2

I use viki every now and then with the dual subs, didn’t know about viki learn though.
Tragically though it is only available in the the US and Canada at the moment, hopefully it becomes more available worldwide soon so everyone can take advantage of it, as it looks really amazing.


Do you like the dual-subs on viki? Hopefully, viki learn becomes available to those outside the US and Canada soon!

(Tampora) #4

Yeah, the dual-subs come in handy when first learning a language I find.
It makes the transition from English subs to Korean/Japanese subs easier, because you have the English subs to fall back on if you don’t know a word/phrase.
The highlighting of the subs on there is quite good as well, where you can click a subbed word and it says the meaning. Which helps when just using the Korean/Japanese subs. :slight_smile:

(David Manvell25) #5

I’m not sure what we are supposed to do on the viki learn site other than watch videos. There are no instructions.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #6

why was the OP flagged ??? really? what’s wrong with asking about a quite popular “drama” site? Those viki guys are even making their own series, if I am not mistaken…

i used - very seldom indeed - the subtitles feature and the associated dictionary, but for Japanese. A funny way of learning. If I’d have more time, I’d do it more often.

(tampora, i live in the eu and i have no probs with viki…)


Haha thanks for vouching for me :slight_smile: I would have asked the same for any other non-Memrise site. I also use Duolingo and Anki.

Why is it a funny way of learning? I’m curious.