Has anybody downloaded their TinyCards deck?

Hi folks! Luke from Memrise here. We’re playing around with an easy way to import the TinyCards decks into Memrise since they are shutting down in September. What we don’t have is the data exports at the moment! Has anybody already downloaded the data for their TinyCards deck that they’re willing to share with me?

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Sadly there’s no easy or straightforward way for exporting cards. However, there’s various info on the web regarding the “manual” export of cards. Assuming you know how to use RegEx’es, here’s one that will require a manageable amount of time.

Do you have any specific sets in mind? I mean, there are TONS of them, including user-created content …
I could imagine a scraper that would sort of automate the job. It might prove to be difficult though, some sets seem to come with numbers while others don’t (I only spent some 5min looking, so I might be off, too).

They’ve opened it up! https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043909772-Tinycards-Announcement

But yeah, we can probably scrape as well…