Hacker on Japanese 1

There is a hacker on the Japanese 1 course. His name is meme_rise_420, he could not have been there more than 50 minutes, as that was when I last was on, yet he already has over 38 million. This is not only for my sake, but also Milamy, who has obviously worked hard to get to over 7 million, and to top of the all time leader board before this account came along, can someone please fix this


@Outlawfox - Thank you for your consideration :slight_smile:

This user has been detected in my Topic. Not sure if it will be deleted… Soon hopefully. :wink:

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@Outlawfox and @MarshallLanguages: the request worked.
meme_rise_420 is no longer on the “Japanese 1” leaderboard. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for the report, I’ve removed the user points.

They should no longer be shown in the Japanese 1 leaderboard.


Arigato @Joshua
And for meme_rise_420 the stinker who thinks it is memerise like the other air sac brains:
IN YOUR FACE, YOU AIR SAC BRAINED CHEAT!!! :triumph::triumph::triumph:
Anyway is there a way to take away those cheating websites?

And now found another air sac brained cheat:

He’s 1st at so many courses, like he got 100 mill in French 1 in a week

William of Orange has now been removed from the French 1 leaderboard along with their points.


Merci beaucoup!

Hmm, this account https://www.memrise.com/user/AlfaroukTheMasterYiGod/ has somehow got 27 million points this week on this course https://www.memrise.com/course/122927/jlpt-n5-readings/

I’m finding with a lot of these accounts that get loads of points in no time, that when you click on their accounts it doesn’t even say they are learning that course that they have loads of points in, which is even stranger. :thinking:

Which seems to be the same with the second placed person in the same course https://www.memrise.com/user/ivorbcn/ , that apparently they aren’t learning the course but managed to get more than 2 million points this week in the course, strange. :thinking:

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WAIT! I KNOW @ivorbcn!!! WAS THAT U?

Ahh, ivorbcn may of just been learning the course and quit it then.
I’m just getting paranoid about any person who manages to get lots of points now, lol. :tired_face:

The first place person though is definitely strange, 27 million in one week, impossible.


Wow. This week ive been too busy on the forums… i only got 60,000 points in a week compared to my usual 200,000

Yesterday I reviewed this course, and those 2 names were not on the leaderboard of the week. They got those points in less than 24 hours.

And we must also remember that the “weekly leaderboard” worked properly. The “monthly leaderboard” for this course was not updated at the end of last month, so it corresponds to almost 2 months.

My points get bugged and now I got 2 millions … memrise problem

hahaha, last week I thought you were a bot! Cool to see you are real! 38M in all time is impressive. How you can get more than 45 points for each word, because, I assume you already finished all japanese 3. (and why you doing japanese 3 in portuguese?!)

After reviewing a few times, you get 150 per word. And it has additional points if you do it fast (at least in the classic review).

First I did the Japanese language courses in Portuguese 1-3, because I speak Portuguese, but Japanese 4-7, it does not have Portuguese.

So I started again Japanese courses in English since Japanese 1. Why not from 4? Because I do not speak English, so I had to decorate the first 3 as well.

So, in fact, I’m learning Japanese and English at the same time.

PS: I do not know how to write English sentences very well, and I’m using an online translator :wink:


Da hora!

I think my app has a bug, it’s repeating the same words, so I get bored!

Do you use the web browser, Android or iOS?

Web browser (Chrome), and it is functioning normally.

Thank you @Joshua, AlfaroukTheMasterYiGod is no longer on the leaderboard of “jlpt n5 Readings” :slight_smile: