Groups; Am I missing something?

Okay, so I click on groups, because, I figure a group is a group of members that want to join to benefit from each other. Perhaps I’m wrong on what a group is on this site… I click on groups, and the message prompts me to make one. I’m all for it, assuming my concept of a group is correct. However, I’m thinking if it is, then other members would have long since created groups that would show up, which, since none do, this hasn’t happened. Can someone help me out here?


Have you found the explanation of groups and how they work in the FAQ area? Existing groups don’t show up anywhere because they are private. You either have to be invited to join an existing group or create a group yourself and then invite other users to join it.

I noticed that, in an earlier post, you asked about how private messaging works in this forum. I expect you have since found how to do it but, if not, I can explain it. If you want to set up a group and invite other people who are taking the same courses as you to join it, sending them a private message first to ask if they would be interested could be a good way to go.

Hope this helps. Come back if you need more.


Alan has already given a good answer. If I may add, I think groups are especially useful for teachers who want to present some self-created courses to their students in an organized way.

For other users, perhaps this forum is more useful to talk about for example a particular course.


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