Group LeaderBoard in the Members section of a Group

The group leaderboards in the members section of the group only shows the Overall group list and the leaderboards for only 5 courses. The overall group list seems to be the total of those 5 courses. Theses are the first 5 courses for my group, however, I have many more courses available for that group, which I can see they have also been using as they appear in the Stats section. Why can I see the others, nor the total for all of the courses I have assigned to them.

The same happens for all the other groups I have.
I am using a laptop with a Chrome browser

Thank you

Hi there,

Unfortunately at this time only points for the first 5 will be displayed, unless you click on ‘Load more’. This is an issue we’re aware of and will fix asap (internal code WEBSITE-2624)

To solve this in the meanwhile, please try the following steps:

  1. Go to your groups page - Memrise
  2. Find the group you mentioned and in the Course tab click ‘Load more’ to show all courses
  3. If you now click on Members or Stats, you should be able to see updated points and progress for all the students

I hope this helps.