Greek - 50 Languages (With audio - No typing)

New course for Greek from 50 Languages (with audio - no typing)

I started doing your course. Thank you for creating it.
How did you make it to be non typing? I would like to make a greek course without typing too.

Hello Ramajana…
You have to do this on a PC.
Click the three dots on the right up of the course.
Than click “Course Details”.
And than click “Edit Course”.
Click “Databases” and select Greek (or another language)
Your database is like this: Greek-English-Audio
Click the pen icon near greek.
Click Testing
And finally uncheck “Typing test enabled”

ramajana via Memrise <>, 27 Eyl 2021 Pzt, 11:10 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Thank you @MxTxO so much! I got it!!