Grammatical courses

Why the course British English for Russian speakers have Grammatical courses, but the course American English for Russian speakers doesn’t have Grammatical courses?

@JBorrego Why did not you answer here?

“Learn Grammar” is a new feature that is being implemented in new courses.

As Memrise is a British company, I assume they usually start with British English courses, and then extend to American English courses.

FAQ&Help (Grammar):

Please note: Grammar Review is not currently available, but it will be added later.

Hi @Kristal9, as @Milamy mentioned, you will find it only on UK English 1 & 2 for the moment, but we hope to extend it to other courses soon. I hope this helps :slight_smile: Memrise team


Hi. I am learning arabic. The words I am learning has no translation, so I dont know what I am learning.