gramerbot keeps coming despite I did the execise many times. is there a way to avoid it?

Press on the three dots to the right of where it says Grammarbot, then select any one of the exercises that you want to do.


Actually I was wondering if there’s a way to skip it or disable it. I want the other exercises to keep coming randomly instead of choosing myself.

I’m not aware of any way of disabling the Grammarbot exercise but, if you don’t want to select your own preference by using the three dots but want the other exercises to keep being presented in the order that Memrise intends, there is a workaround that only requires two clicks which I have just tried on the web version.

When you are presented with the yellow Grammarbot exercise button, click on it (to start the exercise) and then just exit straight away by clicking on the ‘go back’ arrow (top left of the screen) to return to your dashboard/course list and the yellow button will have changed to a different exercise.

A bit ‘clunky’ but it will do the job. A similar workaround is possible on the app version.